Something is wrong with the Universe, and you know exactly what it is. We used to live in a candy-colored age, full of wonder and danger in equal measure. Standing over the balanced Universe were its mighty guardians, the Time Lords. A great war destroyed all but one of them. He was the Earth's defender, protecting it time and again from alien threats. He was a god humbled by death. He was your friend. He was the Doctor.

And then he died.

Now the Doctor's enemies gather and plot, scheming to claim the Universe for themselves. Only you, his stalwart and learned companions, stand against the encroaching darkness. It's a good thing he trained you so well, isn't it?

Companions is a story game set in the Whoverse. You, the players, take up the roles of the Doctor's companions, continuing his agenda after his death. Armed only with your wits, experience, and the TARDIS itself, you will defy the most powerful entities in the Universe, fighting for what's right and just.

Companions is currently in testing, and is a work in progress. This is not a complete game yet! If you have any comments or questions, please contact the author. The game is a hack of D. Vincent Baker's Apocalypse World.

Doctor Who, the TARDIS and almost all the background content of the game is owned by the BBC. This game is free of charge; if you paid for it, please contact the author.


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A game by Jeremy Tidwell Creative Commons License